What is an Escape Room?
Escape room is a new social entertainment concept. The idea was originally born in Japan and has spread all over the world in past few years. You and your team, will be explained the rules and locked in a themed room, also called the escape room, and given 60 minutes, to explore, investigate, solve clues/puzzles to unlock the next mystery all in hopes to figure out the ultimate solution to escape the room. This is a great stage to interact/socialize with your group members.

How is playing escape rooms different at EscapeOut?
Our escape games are private, meaning you and the group you reserved the themed room for, are the only ones enjoying the escape experience.

What will happen when I show up?
You will be greeted by a member of our team and explained the rules. Within minutes, you and your team will be locked in your room, and given 60 minutes to escape (your booking is for the whole room – you will not be paired with another group). The room is yours to explore and investigate. Solve clues to unlock the next mystery, all in hopes to get the passcode to escape. If you get stuck, your team will be equipped with a device to ask for clues from us.

Are the escape rooms scary?
While the rooms have an interesting themed environment, it is not meant to scare. Nothing will pop out at you.

What are the rules?
  1. No clues require force to be solved. While you are free to make a mess of the room, please take care not break anything or take anything out of the room.
  2. Do not touch items marked with “Do not touch”. This will apply to stuff like electrical boxes, etc, that you don’t need to mess with.
  3. Don’t eat, drink, or spill the clues. There will be liquids. Don’t drink them, they probably won’t hurt you but they will not taste good, we promise.
  4. You will require to store your electronic devices outside in a locked cabinet.
  5. In case of emergency, you can exit immediately.
  6. Keep the mystery alive! Tell your friends about us, but don’t give away all the clues!
Can we play multiple rooms at the same time?
Yes. For an additional 15% of the charge you can play multiple rooms in parallel at the same time.

Is escaping the room difficult?
It is definitely challenging! No math skills or other unusual abilities are needed however we are always available to give out hints. Most teams need 1-5 hints or gentle pushes in the right direction throughout the hour.

What happens if some puzzle malfunctions?
There is a possibility that some puzzle may malfunction on extremely rare occasions, despite our best efforts to keep it running. On these rare occasions the game may be halted and the host will fix the issue so you may continue the game.

What are your hours?
We are open by appointments only. Tuesday - Thursday: 11:00am – 8:00pm; Friday and Saturday: 11:00am - 10:00pm; Sunday 11:00am - 6:00pm;. Please book in advance online. Bookings made online must be made at least 6 hours before your appointment time on weekdays and 2 hours in advance on weekends. If you are looking to inquire about corporate event please email us at info@escapeoutfolsom.com

What if we are late?
Please show up at least 10 minutes early to ensure you are ready to enter the room when your hour begins. If we have teams booked immediately after, any minutes late will cut into your time, since we must let them in at their allotted time. If you are going to be late, please call us at 916-467-7339 and we will let you know if this will affect your playing time. If you are over 30 minutes late, we reserve the right to cancel the appointment without refund.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?
Cancellations will not be accepted. You may change your appointment time at no cost up to 24 hours before the event. You can reschedule by clicking the appropriate link in your confirmation email. For last minute issues, please email us at info@escapeoutfolsom.com or call 916-467-7339.

How much does it cost?
Room ThemeGroup SizePrice
Malice Manor, Alien Zoo, Da Vinci‘s Workshop, The Ritual Room (Tuesday thru Friday only)2$80
Malice Manor, Alien Zoo, Da Vinci‘s Workshop, The Ritual Room2-3$105
Malice Manor, Alien Zoo, Da Vinci‘s Workshop, The Ritual Room4$140
Malice Manor, Alien Zoo, Da Vinci‘s Workshop, The Ritual Room5$175
Malice Manor, Alien Zoo, Da Vinci‘s Workshop, The Ritual Room6$205
Malice Manor, Alien Zoo, Da Vinci‘s Workshop, The Ritual Room7$235
Malice Manor, Alien Zoo, Da Vinci‘s Workshop, The Ritual Room8$265
Malice Manor, Da Vinci‘s Workshop, The Ritual Room9$295
Malice Manor, Da Vinci‘s Workshop, The Ritual Room10$325
Malice Manor, Da Vinci‘s Workshop, The Ritual Room11$355
Malice Manor, Da Vinci‘s Workshop, The Ritual Room12$385

Room ThemeGroup SizePrice
Dr. Zylchov's Laboratory(Tuesday thru Friday only)2$80
Dr. Zylchov's Laboratory2-3$105
Dr. Zylchov's Laboratory4$135
Dr. Zylchov's Laboratory5$165
Dr. Zylchov's Laboratory6$195

Are children welcome?
We welcome children between ages 10 and 15 with a paying adult, age 18+. Younger children will have more difficulty with the puzzles. Older children age 15 and above may be in the room by themselves.

Where can I find more information? I want to see photos of the rooms, reviews, and news!
Please follow us on Facebook to see in room photos, reviews and the most up to date news and offerings.

How can I make a reservation?
Please choose the number of people in your party and the room you’d like to book. You and your friends will be the only ones in the room.

Click this button to make online reservation: